Full Guide on Using Exclusion Devices to Best Remove Hawaii Bats

Bats are known to be beneficial to our surroundings. They can control the population of the harmful Hawaii insects and their poop can fertilize the soil. However, some people still consider them as nuisance creature. They can transmit zoonotic diseases and the urine and guano can weaken the structure of our house. Looking for a solution to drive away the bat that has entered our house or building can be challenging. The lethal means such as chemicals and toxic will never solve the problem. In addition, some bats are protected under the law. 

How Does Exclusion Device Work?

The idea behind the exclusion device is to allow the colony of Honolulu bats to effortlessly get out of our house but it will stop them from returning inside. In case you managed to install this appropriately, you should be able to completely get rid of the infestation in a matter of 5-7 days. The exclusion device can simply be an empty tube or PVC pipe. Some people also prefer the use of wire screen, or nettings that will seal the access point partially.

Look for the Entry Points of the Bats

The first thing that you have to do when using exclusion devices is to look for all the entry points of the Hawaii bats. This implies that you may have to observe their activities for a few days. This will give you the exact locations of the holes that they use in leaving and entering your house. Create a note of the location of the holes that will make the entire process a lot easier.

Seal the Holes and the Cracks

Once you successfully identified the holes that the Honolulu bats are using to invade your house, you should also look for the deteriorated, rotten, damaged, and cracked part of the house. These are also potential entry holes for the bats. You should seal all these points using plaster, caulk, mesh screen, steel wool, expandable foams, brick, wood, and other construction materials. Leave a single hole open. Once you managed to seal the holes, it is time for you to install the exclusion device.

Exclusion Device

Install the exclusion device in the last opening and leave it for at least 7 days. Once you are sure that all bats have been out of your house, remove the 1way door and seal the last hole. Bats are persistent creatures. Once they found an ideal place to live, they'd rather return than to look for a new place. In case the exclusion device is not effective, you should seek the help of the expert to get rid of the bats.

After evicting the bats, you should clean the droppings of the Honolulu bats. Be sure to keep yourself protected when cleaning their excrement to avoid contracting disease. You should use an enzyme-based cleaner that is intended to break down the organic compounds. You should also look for a cleaning solution that can decontaminate your place and keep your family safe from the dangers that are associated with it. 

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