Are Repellents Effective in Removing Hawaii Raccoons from Your Attic?

Raccoons may appear cute and cuddly but they have a destructive nature. When getting rid of them, most of us prefer to chase them away humanely. Some people will use repellents to ensure that the animal will not be injured during the process. However, do these repellents really work? Keep in mind that there are no existing studies that will support the efficacy of the commercially-available repellents.

The Top Repellents and Are they Effective?

In this article, we will discuss some of the most popular repellents that are available today in the Hawaii market. You need to guarantee that they will be effective against the raccoon to make sure that you are investing your money at the right solution. Here are some of them. 

Ultrasonic Repellents

There are repellents sold in the Honolulu market that will release a combination of light and sound when rodents are around your property. Installation of these ultrasonic devices is relatively easy. You only need to stick them on the surface and then set it on your preferred setting. There are different sensitivity and frequency levels. It comes with a motion sensor that detects the presence of raccoon in your attic. The loud noise will scare the animal. This may be effective but only for a short term. Once the animal became accustomed to the sound, they will return to your attic. 

Spray Repellent

Spray repellents are only recommended to use in sealed Hawaii areas to prevent them from dissipating immediately. The manufacturers claimed that this can serve as barrier that will prevent the raccoon from invading our property. Some of them are safe and will not contain chemicals that can irritate your lungs. Some spray repellents will contain the urine of their predator that will scare them. There are also others that will contain strong scent that they will find discomforting.

Water Blasters

Water blasters cannot be used in your attic since it will only result to water damages. This may be effective on outdoor Honolulu settings only. It comes with a motion detector that can accurately identify the creatures such as bird, squirrels, rabbit, and raccoon. It can detect wildlife activity in a 30-ft range. It comes with a variety of features and you can afford it comfortably.

Eviction Fluid

The Eviction Fluid may be the only effective repellent against them. However, it will only work against the Hawaii mother raccoon. Just like the other repellent it may not work all the time. For those who lack the experience in using this, you may find it hard to use it. Simply soak a rag on the eviction fluid and place it in the area where you normally see the raccoon. There are different only sellers that are offering this. Make sure that you are getting the authentic product. 

In case none of the repellent works in your situation, your option would be to seek the assistance of the Honolulu professional wildlife removal company. They can offer a diverse humane solution that will allow them to evict the creature without harming them.

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